Baby Olivia’s Birth Session- San Diego Birth Photographer

It was such an honor to be a part of such a special moment for this family. This mom is one of the strongest mom’s I have ever met. We did her maternity session the week before, and this mom pushed through contractions, rain, and freezing weather for those shots! They ended up being some of the most beautiful maternity photos I have ever taken. This birth took place at The Navy Medical Hospital in San Diego. The staff was absolutely incredible! Mom called me mid day to let me know her water broke. I checked in with her around midnight and she had just gotten the epidural. She told me she would call me when she got closer to 7cm. Thirty minutes later, I get a call that she is 10cm and I need to get there ASAP! She had jumped from 4 to 10cm and was ready to push.  As I get to the hospital, dad is waiting for me downstairs and we RUN to the maternity ward. As I enter, the entire nursing staff is clapping for me! Mom held her in the entire time waiting for me to get there. The Dr. and nursing staff were so incredibly kind to me. They allowed me to position myself freely throughout the room. In the end, mom, dad, and big brother ended up with the girl they were hoping for.